Case studies have shown that aligning your strategic goals with efficient and effective tactical solutions is a critical step in moving forward with organizational transformation, program development, and optimal project outcomes. We are dedicated to providing a full range of management consulting and project management services to private corporations, and federal, state, and local agencies. As a minority and woman-owned business, we successfully optimize projects and program management results, return on investments (ROI), productivity, and profitability.

While we offer comprehensive management consulting services, we realize that there is no cookie-cutter solution that will benefit all clients. That’s why we encourage you to contact us with your specific needs so that we can get to know you and your goals prior to developing a strategy and developmental plan for you. What works for another company within your industry may not work for you – it’s only through gaining a better understanding of your specific business needs that we’ll know for sure what services are a good fit for your future goals.

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Project and Program Management are core SCB services. SCB’s team of highly skilled Project Managers utilize a combination of best practices including the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) approach in combination with their extensive practical experience and business acumen, as former corporate leaders, to develop comprehensive project plans to launch projects, continually prioritize and produce tasks and deliverables, and continually communicate clear and concise project plans. We bring the unique perspective of having walked in many of our clients shoes and an unwavering commitment to deliver the quality of service that we would want ourselveson time and on budget. 


The goal with every SCB project, whether a stand-alone business process reengineering initiative or enterprise-wide system implementation, is to optimize an organization’s people, processes, and technology to achieve or exceed our clients’ engagement goals and objectives. We engage at project inception, or come in to refocus or recover an initiative already underwayNmatter what role we participate, we collaborate with our clients to help define strategic goals and carry them forward with project management tools and processes that establish clear metrics and advance a realistic plan, mitigate and manage issues and risks, and validate resultsefficiently and effectively. Most importantly, we establish comprehensive change management strategies that align to your organizational goals and culture, to ensure top-down engagement that is critical to the success of any project or program. 


Through project management teams or staff augmentation, we develop the solution that’s right for you. Examples of our services and deliverables include: 


Leaders responsible for risk and compliance know the scope of their responsibility is growing. Regulatory requirements, operational disruptions, risks from third parties, and cyberthreats are just a few areas that are becoming more complex, expensive, and damaging to a company’s reputation. An integrated risk and compliance program can help companies navigate risk and chart a path forward in a disrupted business environment, and even serve as a competitive advantage.  


SCB provides specialized insurance and risk management support services for your mission-critical programs and projects. We collaborate with our clients and insurance placement broker teams to establish internal risk awareness, set appropriate risk tolerance levels, while at the same time establish risk mitigation strategies and programs.   


SCB’s risk and compliance management services and deliverables include: 


SCB helps organizations articulate who they are, what they do and how they do it…or crystallize the new vision–who they want to be, what they will do and how they will do itWe use a multi-dimensional approach to help organizations develop a roadmap to achieve or redefine their mission, objectives, goals and then develop and implement the tactical action plans to achieve the strategic goals. Our Team of expert strategists prepare for the strategic planning process by assessing previous plans, convening the key stakeholders to collaborate on the top-down objectives and approach, developing and facilitating tailored staff surveys and focus groups, conducting environmental scans, and performing industry benchmarking, and establishing a communication plan to engage key stakeholdersThrough facilitated and collaborative strategic planning sessions, we produce vision/mission definitions, achieve consensus, define metrics of success, draft the strategic plan, providsupport for communicating the plan, and provide ongoing monitoring and reporting of results. 


Strategic planning is critical to an organization because it provides a sense of direction, establishes the approach for moving forward, outlines measurable goals, guides day-to-day decisions, and evaluates progress. Examples of the tangible services and deliverables that SCB delivers in the strategic planning process: 


SCB provides business process optimization to assist organizations achieve operational efficacy. We apply a comprehensive approach that assesses existing process efficiency and effectiveness, prioritizes processes to align with business objectives, and evaluates an organization’s readiness for change. We understand that the impetus for business process improvement range from one-off departmental initiatives to streamline and standardize operations, improve consistency and compliance, eliminate redundancies or inefficiencies, achieve cost savings, or reduce cycle times, to full-scale projects to create shared services operations or support technology solution design and implementation. We bring that consideration of what our clients are trying to achieve in conjunction with our thorough, cutting edge approach that continually identifies and mitigates risks, and makes employee engagement a key indicator of success. Our approach and expertise achieve results aligned with the organization’s mission, values, and objectives. 


SCB has established a proven track record of collaborating with key stakeholders to examine business processes and develop strategies to optimize each business asset. Through facilitated process/workflow mapping of current state operations and future state requirements, validation of proposed processes with key stakeholders and end usersand change management strategies to ensure employee engagement in the impending changes, we develop clear, documented protocols and tools that enhance workplace efficiency and consistencyeliminate errors, establish organization-wide compliance, and change fundamental behaviorsWe supplement our services with custom training and tools that position stakeholders for long-term success. 


Our holistic approach produces sustainable solutions and long-term benefits. Examples of SCB business process improvement services and deliverables include: 


SCB provides business skills and technical training for staff and leaders, rooted in competency-based best practices and tailored to client-specific needs. We use interactive and cutting-edge practices to ensure participant engagement—in person and virtuallyOur team of trainers has in-depth experience, not just in training, but also in business knowledge essential in developing effective training programs for public sector agencies and private corporations. Our expertise includes reviewing current training curricula, providing recommendations, and developing and delivering customized new courses. 

Professional Development for Staff and Leaders 

The following are a list of courses offered by SCB:

    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
    • Managing Your Career
    • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
    • Skilled Interviews
    • Business Communications
    • Customer Service Skills
    • Project Management 
    • Safety and Risk Management 
    • Performance Management 
    • Change Management 
    • Employee Engagement 
    • Conflict Management 
    • Trust and Teambuilding

Technical and Process Training 

SCB has developed and delivered numerous training to support business process and system implementations. Integral to the success of any transformation, is the readiness of the staff and leaders to effectively utilize the new systems. Because many of today’s OTS systems are as simple as ‘point and click,’ system developers typically do not include training materials in their solution. For many end users who may have limited recent experience transitioning to new processes and systems, this becomes a significant barrier to success and optimization of the new system. SCB’s team of business process and training teams, have proven capabilities in designing, developing and delivering high quality, customized training materials and courses to meet client-specific ‘how-to’ and process configurations.  


Our facilitators and training consultants are not only skilled in training and adult-learning best practices, tools, and solutions, but also bring business knowledge that is essential to the success of your mission. Examples of technical and process training deliverables include the following: 



Implementing a new software system into a business environment can be an arduous task. When an organization makes the decision to undertake the implementation of new or improved systems, it is with the expectation that the stated goals will be achieved. One of the greatest mistakes an organization makes when investing in a new system is expecting that the system just works as designed and optimization is a given after Go Live. SCB’s team of highly qualified system implementation project managers, with decades of practical experience, has been helping organizations successfully implement systems, by ensuring that their people and processes are prepared for the new environments from Day One. We implement comprehensive, proven approaches to help our clients achieve the operational and financial goals expected from their investment.  SCB provides strategic transformation support for industry-leading standard and proprietary cloud or on-premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. 

Our experience on each engagement is comprised of project managers and subject matter experts with the technical credentials, depth of best practices knowledge, and practical experience and expertise necessary to ensure your project’s success. We participate at any stage where we are neededfrom project design and inception through project recover(to get a project back on track when things just didn’t go as planned).  Regardless of the stage, our team objectively assesses and understands your organization’s system implementation goals and challenges; establishes a comprehensive workplan, project governance, and performance measures; implements an approach, systems and tools to identify and communicate issues and risks early, and helps remove or mitigate potential risks; and implements a communication plan and project reporting to ensure effective engagement from key stakeholders to end users from planning through Go Live, and beyond. 


Key components of our System Implementation Services and deliverables include: 




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