U.S. Department of Transportation

Shared Services Process Standardization


In preparation for transforming the administra-tive operations into a Shared Services Organization, DOT undertook the incremental step of standardizing the Human Resources [HR] Operations to become more efficient, capitalize on best practices, and provide consistent service for DOT customers.

As Workstream Project Manager, SCB led standardizing the Processing business processes (e.g, Details, Servicing Personnel Office Mass Prints Process (SPPR), Appointments, Separations).



Workplan: A detailed project plan was developed, maintained and communicated throughout the project detailing the path to develop, validate and deliver each SOP; adjusted as necessary to meet emerging issues (Covid)

Business Process Mapping Facilitation: Facilitated working sessions with representa-tives from each of the 10 modes to identify current processes and developed consistent, streamlined processes to be implemented across all of DOT

SOPs: Developed process flows and detailed SOPs, including user-friendly job aids



  • In the midst of Covid, successfully pivoted workgroup to virtual facilitation.
  • Developed process flows, detailed procedures, and job aids (standard MOUs, checklists, etc. ); were drafted, validated, finalized and approved by DOHRM leadership.
  • Delivered the SOP Manual to DOHRM on time and within budget.