State of Maryland Database Project PMO Development


The State of Maryland contracted to obtain a healthcare database system to track and analyze community health outcomes. SCB was subcontracted to provide Phase I (FY2020): strategic planning and program management office (PMO) development to ensure an ongoing successful system implementation of the Maxwell system and related projects, and Phase II (FY2021): ongoing PMO coaching.


SCB launched with the Executive Leadership Team to identify organizational objectives, actions, and timelines, as well as challenges and opportunities. SCB developed an Approach and detailed Project Management Plan:

  1. Assessment 

oCollected and reviewed historical and current project and organizational documents

oConducted interviews with a cross-functional group of employees

  1. Findings and Recommendations Report  

oCategorized findings into 3 categories: governance, people and processes

oRecommended project goals and key next steps

oRecommended Communication Plan to promote transparency and engagement

  1. Implementation Plan 

Strategic Planning

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Project Management Tools, Training, and Workshops

Facilitated Project Management Training

Program Management Office (PMO) Implementation

  1. Management Reporting Plan 

Bi-weekly Project Status Meetings with Senior Leadership


  • Developed and implemented organization’s first strategic planning process
  • Developed and implemented a strategic action plan with clear performance measures
  • Facilitated a DEI workshop
  • Facilitated a tailored project management training and workshops
  • Developed client-specific project management processes and tools
  • Established and maintained an effective organization-wide communication plan and management reporting
  • Identified appropriate steps and timeline for Phase II, PMO Coaching and Strategic Plan monitoring to ensure the ongoing success of the processes, tools and organizational structure established during Phase I