Pharmaceutical Company Post M&A Integration Planning and Board Reporting


Following the merger of three pharmaceutical companies to create a R&D to Manufacturing Distribution enterprise, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company engaged SCB to assist in streamlining their post-Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Integration Planning and produce a more robust Board Reporting package.


  • SCB launched the project with both the COO and CFO to identify the overarching organizational objectives, actions, and timelines, as well as challenges and opportunities.
  • SCB partnered with the organization’s functional leader to align departmental action plans to the Executive Team objectives:


Robust Goals


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Monitoring Plan


  • Developed a streamlined integration and monthly performance monitoring plan
  • Successfully facilitated strategic planning sessions with each functional leader to align departmental goals and tactical plan with the organizational objectives, actions, and timelines
  • Identified synergies and collaboration opportunities across the functional departments to realize operational and cost efficiencies
  • Met with each functional leader monthly to monitor results and align cross-functional initiatives
  • Developed a Performance Scorecard to report monthly results, accomplishments, and risks to the Executive Team
  • Produced a robust, quarterly Board of Director report package