Pharmaceutical Company Post M&A Integration Planning and Board Reporting

2016 – 2017


Following the merger of three pharmaceutical companies to create a R&D to Manufacturing Distribution enterprise, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company engaged SCB to assist in streamlining their post-Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Integration Planning and produce a more robust Board Reporting package. 


SCB launched the project with both the COO and CFO to identify the overarching organizational objectives, actions, and timelines, as well as challenges and opportunities.  SCB partnered with each functional leader (e.g., Finance, Legal, IT, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing) to develop robust goals, plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) that aligned to the Executive Team objectives.


SCB accomplished the following:

  • Developed a streamlined integration and monthly performance monitoring plan
  • Successfully facilitated strategic planning sessions with each functional leader to align departmental goals and tactical plan with the organizational objectives, actions, and timelines
  • Identified synergies and collaboration opportunities across the functional departments to realize operational and cost efficiencies
  • Met with each functional leader monthly to monitor results and align cross-functional initiatives
  • Developed a performance Scorecard to report monthly results, accomplishments and risks to the Executive Team
  • Produced a robust, quarterly Board of Director report package


Finally, partnered with senior leadership to identify the appropriate staff to train and maintain the program as a key step in closing out the project. From the first quarter report and throughout the project, the Executive Team received overwhelming acceptance by the Board of Directors on the new scorecard and reporting package. While the project was intended to be just three months—to produce the first Board of Directors report, SCB’s engagement was tripled to 9 months due to the success of the streamlining plan and process results.